Tuesday, April 23, 2013

summer and dessert

Goodevening, world!

I'm sitting with a cup of tea with open doors and the sun setting over Paris.
I've had two amazing days with my dad - we went to the Opera (Bastille) yesterday evening and watched an amazing ballet-opera which completely swept my feet away.
I've never been to the Opera by Bastille before, but it was so beautiful and the "show" was incredible!

After the Opera we went to Georges - the restaurant on top of Centre Pompidou. Probably one of the coolest places I've ever been. The waitresses were young and very attractive dressed in super tight dresses - in a non-slutty way. They were really charming.
We had starters, main course and I had a dessert (surprise). Afterwards we went home.

I honestly felt like taking photos of everything, but sometimes you need to enjoy the moment while you're in it instead of snapping photos and checking Facebook.

Today I met with my dad again, and we went to Merci where I got a little bracelet and he bought presents for my mom (sssshhhh).
Afterwards we went to Brasserie La Mascotte in Abesses which was probably one of the best places I've been in my eight months in Paris. For dessert I got profiteroles, and I cannot describe how delicious they were.

The sun is out again, and I'm enjoying it BIG time. I'm leaving for Copenhagen on Thursday, and I already miss Paris a little bit. Thank God I'll be back!

Now: Putting on my PJ's, watch Girls, drinking more tea and going to bed BEFORE MIDNIGHT (I tell myself this every night, but somehow it never really happens.... You know that??)

Much love and gros bisous


  1. Wow.. That looks amazing! And i agree with you, i love that the sun is back! and hopefully the summer, will arrive soon!

    Love your, blog! :)

    1. Thank you Sine - and yes, it was unbelievable!! Now you know where to get the best profiteroles in Paris.
      As far as summer goes, I think it's doing pretty well today? ;)

  2. Savner dine updates Thea! Håber du har det fantastisk!
    Kh Elizabeth