Friday, March 01, 2013

paris fashion week: isabel marant

It's no surprise that fashion week has invaded Paris with lots of chic people. The thing is, that they are equally touristic as the rest of the tourists - just better dressed and perhaps with a driver. So before I start saying, that I love fashion week, let me just be honest:
I really don't.

But that, my friends, doesn't stop me from snapping photos of celebs or fashionistas when I see them. I stopped by the Isabel Marant show today to snap some photos. As I clicked on the button every 5 seconds, I noticed a whole lot of colors, leather and tribal-print. None of which are a surprise.
I mostly caught photos of random people, but I did also stumble upon danish Pernille Teisbæk (fashion editor Eurowoman Magazine) and the adorable model Magdalena Frackowiak, who wore a red chiffon skirt with her big winter jacket. 
Giovanna Battaglia wore a big, pink-ish jacket with an amazing flower-print and zebra printed shoes. To DIE for.

What do you think? 

Much love and gros bisous