Monday, January 07, 2013

my christmas: NYC

Hello to everybody: friends, family and readers

I'm back in Paris after a visit in Copenhagen, New York and then Copenhagen again. It was great being back in Copenhagen for a while, but it was even greater celebrating Christmas and New Years in NYC. I truly had an amazing time. Let me tell you a little about it...

I went to New York with my family on the 20th of December. Eight-hour plane trip indeed. It was actually OK... Watched a couple of movies, slept on my sisters lap and waited. Arrived to the big city quite exhausted and had dinner with some family friends.
The next day we went upstate and lived in some friends' cabin. Cooperstown -- have you ever been there? Or heard of it? If you have, maybe it's because of the Baseball Hall of Fame... Situated right there, in tiny Cooperstown.
So... Cooperstown was great. I have already been there once, but that was a couple of years ago and, most importantly, during the summer. I can't say that it was summer this time. Nope. It was winter. Beautiful, beautiful winter. Snow, snow and more snow. It was truly amazing and fairytale-like.

We stayed in Cooperstown until the 29th - celebrated Christmas with our friends, enjoyed the peace and quiet and sledded a whole lot. Sounds dreamy, yes? IT WAS.

So.. Back to The Big Apple on the 29th. Spent a lot of time shopping and buying Starbucks' Peppermint Hot Chocolate (I know, shame on me -- need to support the small caf├ęs... But it was sooooo good...).

I celebrated New Years Eve with my siblings - and, at last, with my brother and the nicest New Yorker's you could imagine. I think it was the best New Years Eve I've had so far. 

Let me show you pictures from my trip!

I had completely forgotten how beautiful it was... And I apologize for the black dot on some of the pictures. There's something somewhere in my lens - I cant find it and I cant remove it. I think I'm gonna take it to a camera-shop sometime soon. I'm sick of having to edit it on every picture! 

Either way...

Let me get back to you during the next couple of days. I'm starting to write small articles for a Danish blog - travel tips, basically. I'll make sure to link them here on my blog and even translate them for the rest of you guys who don't speak Danish! Yay! 

Much love and gros bisous

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