Sunday, August 12, 2012

meet: ba&sh

YAY - I made it one entire week. I know that my last blog post revealed that my home-sickness was over... The fact is, that it has returned during the last three days. Not particularly during the day, but mostly in the evening. Therefore, A and I went out yesterday for a double mojito - I'll tell you about that one in the next couple of days...

Alors. Today I went to Le Marais - an area here in Paris. It's very chic and very, very infected  by tourists in this month (correction: the ENTIRE city is infected by tourists, since all Parisians have either gone to the country or somewhere else glamorous).

Regardless the tourists, I went by my very self. Quite nice, actually. I only had one near-death experience, when I slipped into some water with my new Chanel ballet flats........... Yikes! (If you must know: They are OK now.)

So when I stopped by ba&sh, a very french shop, this gorgeous dress was in the window. I bought it immediately, and here it is...

The fabric is the softest silk. I love the white/silver-print. Very breezy and casual. Goes perfectly with my ballet flats! He-he-he.

A just told me to write something about him. I can inform you all, that he got his hair cut yesterday and now looks like un vrai parisien despite his blonde hair and ice-blue eyes. We're having the time of our lives together. Really.

Hey! Tomorrow I start school. Looking forward to meeting someone just as lingually handicapped in French as myself. What a thrill.

Take care, everybody!
Much love and gros bisous,

☆ ☆ 

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