Friday, August 10, 2012

i live in paris

You heard it. I live in Paris. The city of love, fashion, culture, food, art. What's not to like?

I've been here for about a week now, and so far it's been absolutely overwhelming. The first couple of days went by pretty quickly, and I can't deny, that all I really wanted to do was to go HOME to my family.

Well.... Things have changed. On monday I start a french course with the horrid duration of three weeks. I decided to study monday-tuesday-thursday, so I had some days off to enjoy the city..... Besides, I'm nowhere ready to start school again.

Paris is H-O-T! 30 degrees every day in a city like this is just too much. Most of the time is spent either inside or in the shadow. Why inside? Because we can.... I have an entire year to be outside!

Things are really falling into place here... I'm starting to find my way around and I almost feel like a part of the city. That's quite a relief.

On our first day here, I went to Chanel in Rue Cambon (for those of you who don't know where that is, I can inform you, that this is where Coco Chanel used to live, when she was alive). I have been saving for a pair of ballet flats for wayyyy to long time, so that was the first thing I did: Buy them! 

I spend most of my time with A (boyfriend) because he's the only person I know here. We've only been apart for a few hours, and that was terrifying. Never have I felt so alone and so depressed - seeing girls lunchin' and laughing, while I was walking around alone. I can't communicate much, because my French isn't really that great. I went shopping the other day by myself, and by the second store I went into, I felt like crying. It's been really hard for me to leave my family (and friends), so the first couple of days was a test for me. Luckily, things are good now.

.... And luckily, I bought some clothes.......

Pictures? Comin' right up!

First evening in Paris with my favorite 50's sailor hotpants...

Isn't it divine?

... To die for?

... I think yes. I haven't been wearing ANYTHING but these.

Tourist.....? NooOOOOooooo..

Lunchin' with A

A non-woring fireplace (or something) in A's apartment has now turned into this. (SÅ hyggeligt!)

We might live in Paris, but we DO like our basil, mint and...

View from A's apartment

There you have (some of) it. I hope this was enough update for my friends back home - and for the rest of you!

Much love and bisous

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